Sr. Oracle Software Developer / Engineer : 351 v


Sr. Oracle Software Developer / Engineer : 351 v

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Position: Sr. Prinicpal Software Developer [Requisition: 202307351]

Location: Remote, with willingness to travel

Clearance Required: Candidate must be a US Citizen, and have at least a SECRET clearance.

Job Description:

Developing within Linux or Unix

Node.js, including typescript for server-side development

GeoServer, including experience viewing and editing geospatial data

Oracle Database


OpenLayers v6 and previous versions (Backend and Front End)


GeoSpatial/Geographic Information System (GIS) Mapping

Website development in:

Kendo UI




JavaScript ES6

WebGL powered Maps

Configuration Management Tools (e.g. Subversion, Git, or NDP)

Perform System and Software Engineering and Development.

Perform market research, analysis, and technical advisory support to evaluate and make recommendations for the implementation of emerging technologies into the NDP AMD systems; including Geographic Information Science (GIS), Virtual Machine, container, and cloud computing technologies;

Analyze current and new requirements to determine best approach and future system architecture design changes to accommodate emerging technologies and evolving stakeholder requirements;

Perform engineering studies on emerging developments within the NAS and their impact to NDP AMD systems;

Create transition plans for integrations, system and software updates, and replacements; and

Provide on-going life-cycle analysis for systems and identify service life extension needs.

Provide database engineering and development support working with large databases (e.g., Oracle and Redis or NDP designated database products of similar functionality for future upgrades).

Provide software engineering and development support to the Program Office.

Develop software and provide enhancements using Standards, Style and Guidelines (SSG) best practices, including iterative agile development methodology, to produce all software source code;

Develop and manage software source code using configuration management tools (e.g., Subversion, Git, or NDP designated development platforms of similar functionality for future upgrades);

Perform unit-level testing of software code components and address any software issues identified prior to release to the integration and test phase;

Install, integrate, test, and verify updated software to ensure a fully functioning, operational system is ready for deployment via the following production and acceptance stages:


System Test,

User Acceptance, and

Production / Release; and

Plan and implement periodic software updates to ensure custom and Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software and systems remain operational, functional, and current.

Provide system and software documentation support to the Program Office.

Provide software release management.

Provide technical and maintenance support for software.

Provide Information System Security support by performing the following tasks:

Develop system documentation for Initial Security Authorizations in accordance with FAA ATO Information Systems Security Program;

Review and maintain the NDP Information System Security Program in accordance with FAA Security Orders as amended;

Participate in risk and continuous monitoring assessments, contingency/disaster recovery planning and testing, and security testing and evaluation;

Provide cost analyses for security risk mitigation; and

Update security documents, and annual security risk assessment documents in accordance with the FAA Information Security and Privacy Program & Policy.

Education: BS/BA in computer science or an IT-related discipline.

Certification: CSM (Certified Scrum Master)

Experience: 15+ years of progressive experience as a software developer including management of mid to large-scale teams.

Clearance Required: Candidate must be a US Citizen, and have at least a SECRET clearance.

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